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We always get store brand items. They taste as good as regular brand, but a lot cheaper. I am sorry to hear that about your Kroger store. I go thru self check out with a full basket. By the way I ring up rain check items without grief my stores. Thank you I will be on a very tight budget. I appreciate you sharing the info.

Krogers will always be my favorite store. Hey guys i am a employee at kroger. And just want to let you guys know that we try real hard to keep the store stocked day to day. We try to ordee truck to truck to keep the customers with the the best dates and freshest items available. Just remember if its not on the shelf always ask for assistance because sometimes we may have it in a different location in the store. Especially if its a mega event sale. Buy 5 save 5 deal. I think there was something funky going on Friday with the digital coupons…. I find it very stressful.

My preferred way to shop is online and then pick up. My local Kroger is horrible! I have taken numerous photos and sent them to Kroger Corporate, but empty shelves are still the norm. Clerks are rude, lines at the few checkouts they have open are long, and I get discharged at least once per visit. One time 4 out of 12 items were incorrect. I only shop Kroger for their super deals. I get very discombobulated when I have that much stuff.

I place my items on the belt in groups of 5. I also found out this week there are some Kroger stores that allow unlimited points discounts on gas. This girl bought gas for. She purchased Carnival Cruise gift cards at 4X points and thengot some really cheap gas. Kroger stores for the most part are very nice stores BUT for the most part they are extremely short on real customer service.

I post my meal plan every Monday or Tuesday. I hope that helps! I have been shopping at Kroger for a while and purchase the 5 for 5 items when I find things I want. Chicken in Deli Dept. I put the other 4 items in cart. And realized my mistake at checkout. So, I paid regular price. If l had discovered my error at checkout I could have got my 5th item Kleenex for. Take time and study your shopping procedure.

Costly mistake!

Who Does Grocery Pickup Best? Walmart Grocery vs. Kroger ClickList

I used to do several shopping trips a week when we lived in another state and the stores were located closer to my home. I just do a big shopping trip once a week or so now. I wish I could do smaller shopping trips like I used to, I think it depends on where you live. What city is this? Our Kroger prices are at least double even with sales, buy 5 save 5 deals, digital coupons, regular coupons, and Ibotta. Maybe I need to move. Thanks for the Kroger shopping trips! I love Kroger! I also signed up for the fetch rewards app:. That is so frustrating that happend to you! As for rainchecks, we are actually advised as long as we know the item will be back in stock, to write a raincheck.

I am so sorry that you had a bad experience! I hope you know we are all like that. I totally agree that self check out is the way to go to make sure the price rings up right. I usually have too many items in my cart and use the cashier. I guess no doubles allowed? Overall Kroger is my favorite store. I just visited this site and read 2 posts. I too am a frugal shopper. I see you use Ibotta. Just walking in and scanning items can be worthwhile. Trade points for gift cards. It looks like you are living off goldfish crackers and Cheerios. Your money would be better spent in the produce aisles than just stocking up on sugary drinks and refined carbs.

I have never met Crystal but I find your comment exceptionally rude, Nat. Crystal is offering you and others a FREE service of scouting and sharing deals. You do you, Nat, and worry about yourself and your family. Please let me know where to find the Sparkling Deer Park. Just an FYI…it plainly states on the ad that those special sale items are while supplies last. As an ex-employee of Kroger, I can tell you that hEr frustration could have been a full shift of situations exactly like yours and even though she should have been polite and kept her opinions to herself, it sometimes does get the best of you.

I figured I would dislike it but I so fell in love with his character and his sad heart. Glad to know you liked it too. A lot of my bookclub gave it a thumb down. Okay, I am sitting here shaking my head. Two people today commenting on how many starches you eat and how much protein you should have. My goodness, people, focus on your own lives and chill out.

Alrighty, off my soapbox about that. I also prefer going to the store more often than having huge orders. I believe we will start shopping at aldi. Sale items on shelves not stocked. Coupon only taken if item matches picture on coupon even though coupon says any variety. We love comments from readers, so chime in with your thoughts below! We do our best to keep this blog upbeat and encouraging, so please keep your comments cordial and kind. Read more information on our comment policy. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Subscribe to followup comments via e-mail. Never miss a deal again! Sign up for our brand new Facebook community! Join Here. June 2, Crystal Paine. Add to my favorites. New systems to help you keep track of what you spend at the store! How to actually stick with your new budget and save money for years to come! They tell me what they did to make my order as close to my wishes as possible. Substitutions have always been equal too or greater than my original item.

When I'm doing my ClickList order, I use that sheet, another window showing the Kroger ad and a third window with digital coupons on my account that I plan on using. I can toggle between pages to see if I'm getting the correct items and that I'm ordering all that I wanted from my original list. I also use that original list to check on my receipt for any discrepancies or errors.

So far, I have found no errors I wasn't aware at the time that Catalina's wouldn't print using ClickList. That's something I intend to mention in my next feedback for the store, shopper and website.

They do pay attention to those feedback forms and you get additional gas points when you fill them out. I was very pleased to see that and used them for my order this time. It's my first time using a different store, so we'll see how things go. The people working at that store are some of the nicest folks I've met in the grocery business. I expect good things from them. But, the jury is out on that until I pick up my order on Tuesday afternoon. I added those items and it worked easy as pie! First time I've done an addition to a pending order.

Won't be afraid to do so in the future. I think I can start my order ahead of time several days before I want to pick it up and finish it as needed in the days following. I am a big believer in ClickList. I've heard don't know how true it is that the next improvement will be home delivery. The Meijer stores in my area already do that. Kroger needs to get on that bandwagon now too. Hope they're reading this now. I am a senior citizen on oxygen. I find it difficult to go to the store to do the amount of shopping I need for the week without having to find a place to sit for a while or break my shopping up into multiple shorter trips I love ClickList.

Give it a try! The convenience more than compensates for that fee. Worst experience for a first time user, I have been blocked from site after spending 35 minutes adding items to my cart and now it won't let me access any part of Kroger website, really upset having wasted all of this time to save some time, what a joke. No wonder their stock plummeted facing the competition of whole foods and Amazon, as well as Meijers.

I am having a problem finding where to type in items that do not appear in the click list. Also I was told I could type in that I have my own bags and also coupons, paper ones that is. Pickup time was between 7 and 8, Kroger called and asked me to come at 8. I went at 8 and waited about 20 minutes before I was told the order had not been picked yet.

Waited another 25 minutes before I received my order. I have been using clicklist for a few months now, I love it. My only problem is as of the last 6 weeks I have not been able to view the items in click list. I have had to type in everything I want, nothing shows up, then only the item that I have typed shows up. What is going on? Don't like it, I like seeing my previous purchases and the other store items,. Well, then I will tip the driver, just trying to figure out how much I should tip?

Please this should be easy for IT department to add. You already flag digital coupons. I see my previous items when ordering thru clicklist. Couple of questions - I typically shop with the weekly ad which doesn't seem to show all the mega deals and I spend way to much time in the store looking for more items to get the max discount. Do the all the mega deals show up when ordering online? Second, is there any way to use recycle bags? I believe the Clicklist personnel should be permitted to accept gratuities. They work hard in all sorts of inclement weather. I am a long time Clicklist user and I always feel bad about not being able to tip them.

You don't have to make it mandatory, but it should be up to the individual customer. This is my 2nd time using clicklist and I am in love with this wonderful service! I don't have time to come into the store and shop so this has taken that off my To Do list! I cannot wait to try this today!!! Will click list also deduct my Kroger discount card as well as coupons at pick up? Have used click list now for 4 months.

This is a service for working people only. Get off your lazy ass and go inside with EBT. I needed government assistance, called food stamps, back in the day. Food stamps looked like paper money. The cashier would lay them down on the surface in front of her and separate them in stacks based on their face amount.

I felt embarrassed because I just knew real or imagined the eyes of the people in line behind me were watching and waiting.

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EBT debit cards were issued the year and replaced the paper food stamps. I used government assistance a very short period two times in my life, for desperate circumstances, which was its intended purpose. Is there anyway to update an order add things to it? The day before? It is hard for me to find my check list.

When I go to the search and enter a product it gives me everything but Where is the check list???????? I want to order stuff and the check list order page is no where to be found. Get your stuff together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This looks great, but it seems that you don't get the card discount.

It was Young man says they are running behind and could be up to 30 min. I said we would wait since we had driven in to pick it up. So Sara walked to door to check on our order. If a service is offered then honor it. We would have been ok if man had EVEN acted apologetic. She cancelled order. Sara has been a great customer for many years. Afraid you just lost her. I just wanted someone to know what happened. Someone needs some customer service education!!!

Our Kroger in Columbia TN is great. I love it. My order has been correct and on time, every time. The employees have been great too. I have recommended it, highly. My family has fallen on hard times and are currently awaiting disability benefits to begin, but due to this difficulties we're currently enduring, this company REFUSES to accept EBT cards. This is an ongoing discriminatory practice promoted by Kroger. Yes, our family is located within close proximity of 3 states. I would, as a professional and educated woman, thank you for your time in reading this pertinent concern to the lawful citizens of this country Won't be doing clicklist again.

Got home and was missing 1 item. Called Kroger and got passed around and wasted my time trying to get a refund only to be given a case number and told to call back. All that after being asked all sorts of questions like what was my total and what was the original total etc. I'll be going back to my other stores to shop. When they mess up they fix the problem without hassle. Can't seem to modify order after closed no matter what I do. Need step by step instructions. Previous click list program was much easier.

Almost every perishable item I ordered that had an expiration date was 1 or two days away from expiring.

20 Shopping Hacks Every Kroger Shopper Needs to Know

Big packages of chicken and salad expires the next day. Produce was terribly picked.. Not to mention chicken juice was leaking all over my bag. Cool concept not worth the frustration. I was on Click List for 2 hours and ordered everything I thought I needed, but I was cut off, there was a note saying something happened to my order, but as of this very minute, I do no know what to do June 4, am. I didnot write a list, and I wanted to pick the order up today, after noon, since I have a Dr's appt at am. I am handicapped and do not drive, and my son was going to pick up my order.

Tell me what to do. Why doesn't the stores accept Food Assistance Cards aka. The elderly and handicapped are the ones that need this service the most , and most get some kind of food assistance and some do not even drive. I would like to ask for this to be considered in behave of all the seniors and handicapped in America. Thank You, A Caring Senior.

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This Service is very advantageous especially for the elderly or handicapped.. The employees I have encountered have been polite and courteous and very helpful. Keep up the good work.


Karen did a great job with our order!! I have MS!! I have been using click list shopping for a few weeks now and do enjoy the convenience of using this. Usually my order is perfect. However, today when we picked up our order, there were a couple of issues. They were: The first issue is the bakery has a special of buy one order of bakery cookies and receive one free.

How to: Digital Coupons - VIDEO - Kroger

I have done clicklist at least 6 times, and I have never had them charge me extra for a substitute. For example, I had a free digital coupon for a salad dressing. I hope this helps. Thank you so much! Thank you again. Made my first order and hoping for the best. Tried it today!!

It was great! I have RA. This is fantastic for me!! Email or …? I kind of agree …. BUT …. I have never had a problem.

Kroger ClickList Review: Are Grocery Store Pickup Services Right For You? - Unexpectedly Domestic

I mean never. Like last night when I picked up my order they were out of the free maple Cheerios and subbed it for a regular Cheerios. Yeah, no. I agree. They have always gone above and beyond to correct any mistakes. They can only approximate your total, because it depends on your pickup day. If you create your order on a Tuesday, then pick up on a Wednesday, the prices you are charged will be the price of the items on your pickup day, not your order day.

Around here, the new ads begin on Wednesday. There are two money off coupons out there. I had to do an internet search to find them and load them to my account. They work together for 30 off Plus I was able to use the Ibotta app to get even more money back…I was hooked. My next time shopping was a bust. The buy5save5 is really hard to work out, some items are in the ad and some are advertised in the store, some are on the app or website, nothing is consistent though and if they are out of an item it screws up your deals big time.

It works great for small orders that utilize the click list offers but it becomes a huge time wasting hassle with my family. They could really work on the ease of use and have a great service! Your email address will not be published. Respond to this post. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Don't Miss Out! Join our large community of insiders - it's totally free! What are ya waiting for?! By Liza Senior Managing Editor. Getting Toasty!

Sent from reader, Sherris: Give your local grocery pickup a try! Hiplist Print 35 Comments. Did You See These? J October 19, at pm MST. Got all my goodies plus a few others just earlier!